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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or search engine optimization is the key factor of digital marketing. It is one of the most important game-changing elements to be integrated into any successful digital marketing strategy without which no brand would come close to the ranks of the top search lists on any search engine. The main strategy of SEO is to identify accurate and precise keywords that yield high searchable results in a given genre, niche or field of work. Clever keyword usage will benefit online businesses a great deal. With keywords firmly in place, and a cost effective digital marketing campaign within your budget, you have a sure shot winner to gain traffic and meet your business goals.
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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are the most important platform for any business driving modern internet savvy consumers to products, brands, and services they need. In today’s internet driven world, no brand or business can hope to survive without establishing an online presence. You might as well be in the shadows and remain invisible. What helps drive consumers to search results is SEO or search engine optimization. Effective use of SEO will help you gain more consumer traffic, generate more leads, and improve monetary conversion and increase sales.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the technique of utilizing digital strategies to make your website and brand presence optimized for search engines like Google. This increases the quality and quantity of user traffic by driving them to your websites via organic search engine results.

Search engines are driven by algorithms which are programmed to recognize terms, keywords, and phrases within content that compare and match a user’s search terms. Such content is then shown to the user in a list of search results ranking in terms of content quality. SEO uses all possible means such as content, keywords, and marketing strategies to drive a brand or business website to the highest ranking of search engine results.

Why should your website be at top of the search results page?

When you ask Google for information or the answer to a question, which pages or websites do you look at first when Google shows you the answers? Invariably it will be the first followed by the next few results on the list of the FIRST PAGE. NO one bothers looking at subsequent pages of search results. Now if the question happened to be a user wanting to purchase something, would you like your website to be on top of that list? By ranking on the top of a search engine list, your chances of conversions are increased to a huge extent.

Digital research studies have shown that by using search engines, a user will most often than not visualize a triangle viewing pattern with the information they see in front of them firsthand.

Users' choice of search engines

Google by far is the most preferred search engine across the internet. WebHelps understands this aspect of digital marketing perfectly which is why we are always innovating and discovering new strategies and techniques which focus on the algorithmic structure used by Google as its main criteria for website ranking on its search engine results page. Through valuable metrics, and analysis we have been able to make accurate predictions and create precise and accurate SEO strategies throughout our campaigns.

However, you may wonder what happens when a user uses a search engine other than Google? Well, the strategy of SEO used for optimizing Google is pretty much the same as it is for all search engines. Thus, SEO techniques for Google will hold strong and yield the same brilliant results for all search engines on the internet.

What are the advantages of SEO?

The advantages of SEO are infinite. When you optimize your website for search engines, you gain several benefits that put you in the top ranks of a search engine page. You also get:

  • Improve brand awareness and reputation
  • Improve and increased ROI (return on investment)
  • Increase user traffic
  • A wider target audience
  • Reach your target audience effortlessly
  • Establish web presence
  • Reduce the cost of Adwords with accurate keyword targeting
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SEO operational process

The operational process of SEO or search engine optimization provides you with many valuable tools to help you gauge your marketing performance on the internet and your monetary results.

  • Keyword Evaluation
  • Keyword Creation and Analysis
  • Identification of keywords with higher convertibility
  • Compatibility of keywords with content and pages
  • Social media strategy analysis, metrics and results
  • Sector competitiveness and analysis
  • Valuable metrics and analysis of competition
  • SEO diagnostics and report

SEO Operational Process

Why do you need us for your website SEO?

SEO is not an easy task. If you use the wrong methods of SEO, you could be penalized by Google thus damaging your website’s chances of featuring on search engines altogether. Search engines implement almost 200 elements of criteria to determine website quality and content credibility. This helps Google to know how relevant is your website information and data in respect to its user’s queries and its results. You need to be in constant touch daily where SEO techniques are concerned because Google is always changing its algorithms that keep evolving to improve its user experience.

Professional SEO help is of vital importance not just for keeping in line with Google and optimizing your content for it. You save valuable time, effort and money in the long run. A professional SEO company assisting you leaves you time to focus on more pressing matters of your business. Our SEO operations team at WebHelps is a highly creative one that has garnered a huge amount of knowledge regarding search engine algorithmic behavior and how they work. There are hundreds of companies working with us for that very reason.

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