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User Experience Design

By user experience, we mean how satisfying is the experience users get when they navigate your website. There are several factors that determine a fulfilling user experience such as effortless site navigability, and easy options to gain information or perform a task such as a purchase. This provides users easy hands on approach to help them reach their targets in minimum time. User experience operational methods also improve the intra-site sales experience to increase conversion rates and profits on all websites.
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User Experience Design

What is UX?

UX (User experience) is what the individual interacting with that product or service takes away from the entire experience.

User Experience (UX) Goals

1 Increasing Conversion Rates
2 Reducing the Output Rates
3 Increasing the Staying on the page rate
4 Increasing the View rate

User experience UX

How do we reach these goals?

Getting to know your user mass
  • Demography Interaction Report
  • Time-Performance Report
  • Device Performance Report
  • Output Rate Report

User experience analytics

Fixing the errors on the website
Error detection and Repairs
  • Basket Steps Control
  • Website Checks
  • Form Submission Checks
By Developing All the Processes in Your Site
In-Site Optimization and Enhancements
  • Design and Technical Analysis
  • Website Heatmap Report
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